Traditional Reformed Baptist- 1689 Confessional Church


The Ultimate Power

By: Bernard Harper Photo by David Gavi

What do we think of when we think of powerful? I guess the first thing that can come to mind is maybe a super hero or a mutant of some sort. Power can be defined as possession of control, authority, or influence over others. I think right now we are seeing a form of power […]

The Merciful Lord

By: Bernard Harper Photo by Michaela Murphy

Last Sunday I preached a sermon on Luke 6 and it really struck me with our merciful God and how he pours out his mercy to the undeserving. We see it all throughout the Bible in many instances and Jesus goes to the sinner and tells them to “Follow Me” and without hesitating or questioning […]

The Authority Figure

By: Bernard Harper Photo by Matthew Kerslake

Authority is a very strong word. Last Sunday I preached on the Authority and Power of Jesus. This was a topic full of boldness and strength because in the book of Luke where we were going over Jesus was teaching in the synagogue with Full power and Authority. 35 But Jesus rebuked it, saying, “Be […]

Context Matters

By: Bernard Harper Photo by Windows

When we speak about Context what does that mean? How does that affect how we read the Bible? This is clearly important on understanding the scriptures, Many of us can read just a piece of scripture and take it completely out of context with what it means. Context is really what we can get of […]

Are we faithful?

By: Bernard Harper Photo by Joshua Eckstein

When we think about true faithfulness what would that look like? The true Faithfulness we can see over and over again the gospels and the one we are about to go over is in Luke and this really stuck out to me! The temptations that Jesus went through we would all fall to sin fast […]

Kids in “Church”

Photo by Samantha Sophia

One of the things that we focus on in our services is allowing Kids to be inside our church service. We do not offer a “Kids” church or a youth program. Might say this is different than the normal with every modern church having a kids program and somewhere separate from the adults for service? […]

Praising and Honoring the Lord!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Honoring and praising him just for his nature and for his Glory! This should be a common practice of the saints which is completely praising him with ever lasting Joy. Psa. 19:1-The aheavens are telling of the glory of God; And the bexpanse is declaring the work of His hands. This can be pushed to […]

Bible Translations!

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out

When it comes to Bible translations it is important that we make a logical choice!  When it comes to Bible translations it is extremely important to pick a translation that is as close to the original manuscripts for many reasons. I personally use two translations the New American Standard Version and the English Standard Version. […]


Photo by Clay Banks

We hear of these two different beliefs but truly what does it mean?  Difference One major topic inside the church is Arminianism and Reformed and the theologies between the two. They both believe differently and should be separated. When we talk about Church unity I think it is important that we do unify but that […]

The Protestant Reformation


The Protestant Reformation is vital to the church in many ways and even more important now! The Protestant Reformation that happened in 1517 was a significant event in church history and not only the history but how we view the church today. Before the Protestant Reformation, mainly all that you seen was the Roman Catholic […]