1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

Constitution & Bylaws

Hermeneutics Tool

Resource tool on how to analyze and read the bible  ​​​​​​​

New Start Podcast

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Day by Day 

The mission of Day By Day is to help individuals addicted to drugs. Addiction is a disease. This disease is progressive and terminal if left untreated. Our commitment is to help those who struggle. We know that as long as an addict is alive, there is hope.

End Abortion Now

End Abortion Now began as a local outreach ministry of Apologia Church in Arizona. It is the result of Christians who began to realize they could do more to impact the area of abortion than merely voting “Pro-Life.” They commenced ministering at their local abortion clinics, proclaiming the Gospel to men and women, as well as offering to serve abortion-bound mothers as they plead for life from the public sidewalks.