Traditional Reformed Baptist- 1689 Confessional Church


G3 Church Network

The journey of gospel ministry within the local church can be a very difficult and lonely path. Even within larger denominations, it’s easy to remain disconnected and isolated from other pastors and local churches. This is true for both the pastors and churches.

As the days grow dark, and larger denominations within evangelicalism continue to capitulate on large theological matters—the formation of a G3 Church Network has continued to become one of our ministry goals in order to overcome some of the ministry challenges of isolation and spiritual fatigue. 

The goal of the G3 Church Network is to be a ministry connection point for pastors and local churches. Our aim is to engage in joyful ministry together for the glory of God. However, our goal is not to become a denomination, nor is it our desire to encourage others to separate from all other networks in order to join the G3 Church Network. We are not mutually exclusive to other networks and denominations.

We can accomplish big goals for the glory of God as we partner together.